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Dec 7, 2021

Asia Power Index 2021 || UPSC, APSC, SSG, Current Affairs

Asia Power Index 2021

Every year, Lowy Institute publishes The Asia Power Index is an index that measures resources and influence to rank the relative power of states in Indo-Pacific. India ranks 4th in four parameters of economic resources, future resources, economic relationships and diplomatic influence across eight measures, while the United States takes the lead on the military capacity, cultural influence, resilience and defense networks.

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Asia Power Index

Methodology of calculating Power Index:

The index evaluates international power in Asia through 128 indicators across eight thematic measures.

Eight thematic measures are as follows: (Percent in parentheses indicates weighting)

  • Resources
    • Economic capability (17.5%):
    • Core economic strength and the attributes of an economy with the most geopolitical relevance; measured in terms of GDP at purchasing power parity, international leverage, technological sophistication and global connectivity.
    • Military capability (17.5%):
    • Conventional military strength; measured in terms of defence spending, armed forces and organisation, weapons and platforms, signature capabilities and Asian military posture.
    • Resilience (10%):
    • The capacity to deter real or potential external threats to state stability; measured in terms of internal institutional stability, resource security, geoeconomic security, geopolitical security and nuclear deterrence
    • Future resources (10%):
    • The projected distribution of future resources and capabilities, which play into perceptions of power today; measured in terms of estimated economic, defence and broad resources in 2030, as well as working-age population and labour dividend forecasts for 2050.

  • Influence
    • Economic relationships (15%):
    • The capacity to exercise influence and leverage through economic interdependencies; measured in terms of trade relations, investment ties and economic diplomacy.
    • Defense networks (10%):
    • Defence partnerships that act as force multipliers of autonomous military capability; measured through assessments of alliances, regional defence diplomacy and arms transfers.
    • Diplomatic influence (10%):
    • The extent and standing of a state’s foreign relations; measured in terms of diplomatic networks, involvement in multilateral institutions and clubs, and overall foreign policy and strategic ambition.
    • Cultural influence (10%):
    • The ability to shape international public opinion through cultural appeal and interaction; measured in terms of cultural projection, information flows and people exchanges
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Asia Power Index 2021 rankings

Rank Country / TerritoryScoreTrend
1 USA82.2
2 China74.6
3 Japan38.7
4 India 37.7
5 Russia33.0
6 Australia30.8
7 South Korea30.0
8 Singapor26.2
9 Indonesia19.4
10 Thailand19.2
11 Malaysia 18.3
12 Vietnam 18.3
13 New Zealand 17.8
14 Taiwan16.2
15 Pakistan 14.7
16 Philippines 13.1
17 North Korea11.5
18 Brunei9.6
19 Bangladesh 9.4
20 Sri Lanka 8.6
21 Myanmar7.4
22 Cambodia7.1
23 Laos 6.0
24 Mangolia5.7
25 Nepal4.5
26 Papua New Guinea3.7

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