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Aug 4, 2019

Top 5 High Paid Respected Careers in Government Jobs in India

While looking for a job, your eyes are set on the career options promising lucrative and well-paying remunerations, along with growth. Einstein as well in this context has quoted, “Try not to become a man of success but rather to become a man of value”. Lucrative jobs with great money offer combined with job satisfaction and liberal perks are everyone’s desire. The future with these fat salaried jobs thus seems to be very high and secure, with lots of growth opportunity.

These days the competition has increased so much that it is so difficult to get the desired job in less time. By the end of the year 2020, it is noted that more job opportunities though will come, but the process to apply for the same will be tougher.

However, there are still chances for upcoming students to make their career in new sectors and grow well. For now, people who are looking for the high paid respected careers in the Government job are making a good decision of getting financially stable at the same time settling at the government sector without any kind of worries.

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Top 5 High Paid Respected Careers in Government Jobs in India

Why Government Sector?
Through IT industry has gained a lot more popularity in the private sector for the high pay which it offers but the government jobs are giving a tough competition to it. There are different jobs which would suit the personality of the person and ensure that the employee gets low stress and good working environment and not to forget high pay too.

Government’s jobs are known for the stability and security which it offers. As compared to other companies. The job offers much high pay. However, to get an entry in such a sector is not so easy. You have to undergo some of the difficult exams that might take time to clear up.

However, since you get test cleared, you are then on the land of getting a good job in the government sector.

If you are keen to get the best government job that would certainly help you grow in your career and earn a good reputation, then you are on the right track. Given below are some of the jobs in which you can think of making your career:

Top 5 High Paid Respected Careers in Government Jobs in India

1. Defense:
If you are an air force officer, especially pilot, you are the apple of girls’ eyes. Defense officers are always fantasized by Indian girls because of the status they earn. It's not the money but no one can explain “why him, why not me”:). Its again parents are very proud of their defense officer kids plus loads of respect from society.
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2. Civil Service:
As discussed IAS, IPS, IRS, and other UPSC officers posts are the topmost target of any parent here. If your neighbor or any distant cousin qualify civil services, believe me, you are going to get a “see him, he made his parent proud” type look.

3. Indian Administrative Services (IAS)
You must have heard this job is highly reputable and must have seen what respect do the people who are into this field actually get. Nearly lakhs of students appear for IAS exam but all not all get selected. To get into this government job, the person needs to enroll his/her name in the IAS exam.

This professional is a lot more in demand however, the role and responsibilities associated with this job is not so easy. It is one of those three all India services other than Indian Forest Service (IFS) and Indian Police Service (IPS) for which the exam that is held is quite difficult.

4. Indian foreign service (IFS)
If you love traveling or is forest department is your interest, then certainly you are one the right job offer to think on. IFS also is known as Indian Forest Service is one of the reputable jobs in which you can get in.
However, the chances of posting are more and interaction with foreign dignitary also needs to be maintained.

5. Professors and teachers
If teaching is something you like or sharing your knowledge through this career is something that you have been waiting for a long time, then you are on the right track.

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You can certainly choose a career as a government school teacher or the professor as there are so many vacancies in this sector.

But again, you will have to clear an exam called National Eligibility test with good markets to get into the highest level job and earn a good income.

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