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Dec 27, 2017

DD Dish TV Details in NIOS website (Process)

The TET teachers have faced another problem from NIOS. This time, they have to provide DD Dish TV Details in NIOS website. After buying a Dish TV, you have got a set top box with the connection. And now, you have to give the serial no of the set top box to the NIOS portal.

After you have prepared the assignment answers and submitted the solved assignments to NIOS Deled study center, here is another trouble by NIOS.

Now Nios is seeking your DD Dish TV serial no. With the serial no of your set top box they can easily track your activity on the TV Channels.

This is a new update from NIOS that if you have taken the Dish TV for your study purpose then provide the details with them. It is not only an order but most important too.

If you are facing problem on Providing DD Dish TV Details on NIOS website, read this article and know all in details. because providing the details of Dish TV is mandatory for all the candidates who are doing DelEd from NIOS.

Process to Add DD Dish TV Details in NIOS website

Provide DD Dish TV Details in NIOS:

Providing the details is mandatory because, at the time of your registration to NIOS you have received a discount. The registration fee for the 1st year of NIOS D. El. Ed course was Rs-6000/-. But, they charged only Rs-4500/- from you. You got this discount to buy a new DTH Connection. Therefore, now they want to know if you have bought the DTH connection or not.

Through the SWAYAM PRABHA channel in Dish TV you can watch 32 different DTH channels to enhance your learning. These channels provides various educational programmes.

The Swayam Prabha channel runs all day long using the satellite GSAT-15. You have to watch this channel regularly to learn the DelEd distance education by NIOS.

SwayamPrabha channel is a part of Swayam website. Not only you have to login to the Swayam website regularly, but, you have to watch this channel too. Otherwise, you will face problem to increase your score in NIOS Deled course. So, provide your dish tv details in nios portal as soon as possible.

Where is the Dish TV Serial No:

If you have bought a dish TV you will definitely get a serial no. You will find the serial no of a Set Top Box on the backside of it.

If you notice carefully, you will find that there is a paper attached with the box. On that box, there are several information regarding the product. Along with all the details, you will get the serial no of the box too.

If there is no such information on the Set Top Box then verify on the box cover. You may find the serial no there.

Steps to Provide Dish TV Details in NIOS:

We have said that providing the dish tv details in nios is bound for all the candidates. If you have a DTH connection then provide the serial no to Nios. Otherwise click on no if you have not bought the DTH connection.

Whether you have procured DD Dish TV for watching SWAYAMPRABHA Channel. Here is the simple method to enter the details-

  • At first, you have to visit the official site of NIOS which is-
  • Then scroll down the page. On the bottom of the page you will find a link D.El.Ed for untrained teachers. Click on the link.

  • Direct link to provide DD Dish TV Serial no

    DD Dish TV Details
    • Then you will land on a new page. A new window will appear to enter information about Dishtv
    • On the page like the above image, click on the blue portion or click on the Teacher Section at the left below corner.
    • Then you will land on another page like the below image.
    • On the above picture, you will get a link for Provide the details of DD Dish TV for SWAYAMPRABHA Channel. Click on "Click to fill details"
    • Now you have on the right place to enter your DD Dish TV details.

    On this page you will get Four options-
    1. Reference Number
    2. Enrollment Number
    3. Name
    4. Whether you have purchased dishtv for watching? select an option Yes or No
    If Yes then you have to enter the serial number of Dish tv. You need not to provide any serial no if you have not purchased the DD Dish TV.

    Now click on the submit button.

    This is how you have to share your dish TV details in nios portal. Please share this article with your friends too.